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Home > Brodin Ghost Gallatin

Brodin Ghost Gallatin - Nets

Price: $104.00 *Item Out of Stock
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Brodin Ghost Gallatin - Nets | Large

Description of the Brodin Ghost Gallatin - Nets:

This is our new state of the art net bag. It is injection molded from pvc and is clear in color. As you can see, when the net bag is put into water, it becomes translucent and is less likely to spook fish. This net bag is proprietary to us and we have worked hard to develop one that is light in weight. You will find this net a pleasure to use on the stream. Flies, even when fished in tandem will not get stuck in the net. They will also stand out against the clear color so that you can extract them quickly and get back to fishing. We have chosen teak for the handle (there are no options) because of its relatively light weight and durability in water.

  • 24” Overall length
  • 8.75” by 17.25” Opening
Teak handle, four ply bow. Extra re-enforcing strip on the inside of the bow at the yoke. Rubber bags when placed in swift currents produce extra stress on a wood frame and this extra strip will ensure the integrity of the net.

• Brodin products are backed by a Brodin Warranty
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Write a Review Reviewed by 6 Customer(s)
Rating: 5 of 5 [5 of 5]
Reviewed by: Kurt on 09/20/2009
Experience Level: Amatuer - Ownership: 1 - 4 Months
Pros: This is by far the BEST catch and release net I have ever owned!! It is worth every penny!
Cons: None!
Rating: 5 of 5 [5 of 5]
Reviewed by: Gary on 09/10/2009
Experience Level: Amatuer - Ownership: 4 - 12 Months
Pros: Love the rubber bag. I almost always fish with a dropper and would ruin at least 1 net per year. Flies don't get caught any more. A couple inches longer than my previous net makes reaching the fish a little easier. Great net - wish I'd bought it sooner.
Cons: A little bigger than my previous nets and was afraid I wouldn't like that. Other than it being a tight fit into my fishing bag - it hasn't been any problem. A little pricey. No cons so far.
Other Thoughts: Well constructed, nice to look at. Would recommend this to anyone. Can't attest to it being better on the fish - but seems logical with soft rubber bag. Biggest value to me is not wasting time removing flies and tearing/replacing the nets on a regular basis. Riverbum was great to deal with - I'll be back.
Rating: 2 of 5 [2 of 5]
Reviewed by: Leif Johan From on 09/09/2009
Experience Level: Amatuer - Ownership: 1 - 4 Months
Pros: Right size to carry on back, works nice with MayFly Magnetic Net Release. Hooks (treble) don't get stuck in net, right back to fishing :)
Cons: I find the net a bit shallow and maybe too little flexible. I'm a bit scared when I get trout above 500gr/1 lbs, they look like they should be able to work their way out of the net anytime. Not relaxing when I am out in the middle of the river with waders, I run fast to shore then. I would like a replacement net to be a little deeper for comfort, 10-20 cm perhaps? So the net can be closed around the fish, and fish not lying open to the top of the net wriggling it's way out.
Rating: 5 of 5 [5 of 5]
Reviewed by: Brian on 07/31/2008
Experience Level: Amatuer - Ownership: 1 - 4 Months
Pros: I have put in 16 fly fishing days on the river with this ghost net. I purchased this net the first time a saw the rubber netting. It is an absolute treat when landing a fish with a 2 nymph rig. I no longer spend 10 minutes per fish digging size 20 and 22 barbs out of my mesh net. I use two flies 95% of the time. I fish the rivers in Montana with a dry trailing an emerger or some kind of nymph. The second fly no longer is an issue in the net. The mouth of net is only 17" long and shallow which improved my release time with each fish.
Cons: I did not find the sales pitch "the net is invisible to the fish" very credible. Any fish that I have landed with this net where I did not have the nose of the fish breaking the surface to be scooped up by my net resulted in a spooked fish from seeing the net in the water and would take off for another short run.
Rating: 5 of 5 [5 of 5]
Reviewed by: Ann on 05/29/2008
Experience Level: Amatuer - Ownership: 4 - 12 Months
Pros: Nice net. Once netted, the fish don't seem to fight it as much ---- it seems to have a calming effect on the fish. Maybe it's the transluescent color or texture of the net. I've had fish just sit in the net underwater when I've tried to release them. This has given me the opportunity to get some awesome underwater pictures with no worry of the fish being harmed!!
Cons: The price is a little steep.
Rating: 5 of 5 [5 of 5]
Reviewed by: on 05/13/2008
Experience Level: Amatuer - Ownership: 4 - 12 Months
Pros: Quality of build, the hooks don't get caught in the rubber net when you are releasing fish.
Cons: none. 100% Satisfaction
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