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Dry Flies

Dry Flies
Dry Fly | Attractor Fly | Mayfly | Caddis | Stonefly | Midge

Dry Flies are simply any fly that floats on the surface of the water. Many anglers dream about those epic days on stream only dry fly fishing. Dry fly fishing is exciting and maybe more interesting because the angler can actually see the fish take the fly with a gulp. The other rewarding aspect of dry fly fishing is matching the hatch with the perfect sized, colored and shaped fly pattern.

Some common types of Dry Flies are May Flies, Caddis Flies and Stone Flies.

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Dry Attractors
Dry Attractors

Humpy Flies
Madam X Flies
Purple Haze
Stimulator Flies
Trude Flies
Dry Caddis Flies
Dry Caddis Flies

Elk Hair Caddis
Foam Caddis
Mottled Caddis
X Caddis
Dry May Flies
Dry May Flies

Blue Winged Olives
Callibaetis Flies
Gray Drakes
Green Drakes
Mahogany Flies
Pale Morning Duns
Rusty Spinners
Trico Flies
Dry Midges
Dry Midges

CDC Midges
Double Midges
Parachute Midges
Xelon Midges
Dry Stoneflies
Dry Stoneflies


Ant Flies
Hopper Flies
Green Drake, Wulff
Green Drake, Wulff
Parachute Hendrickson
Parachute Hendrickson
Light Cahill
Light Cahill
Para-Trooper Green Drake
Para-Trooper Green Drake
Crow Beetle
Crow Beetle
Bullet Head Skwalla Stone
Bullet Head Skwalla Stone
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