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Home > Lamson Guru

Lamson Guru - Reels

Price: $199.00 - $269.00 *Item Out of Stock
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Lamson Guru - Reels | Large

Description of the Lamson Guru - Reels:

We’re pleased to introduce Guru, an enlightening reel. Guru enters the family as our lowest-priced fully machined reel. The signature arm-style element on the frame combines with open spokes to maximize structural strength and minimize weight. As with our other reels, Guru features true large arbor ratios. Guru is available in 4 weight through 10 weight, and shares identical drag design and components with our most expensive reels. Guru is finished with a clear type 2 anodize.

Our large arbor reels maximize the benefits of large arbor design by maximizing the arbor diameter-to-width ratio. The spool is large in circumference and wide, so that line is stored in a shallow layer. The increased circumference provides high retrieve rate and eliminates line coil memory. The wide, shallow line layer means there is little radius change as line is pulled form the reel. This results in constant drag torque during long runs and eliminates the risk of tippets breaking due to drag force gain.

All of our premium reels are offered in one fantastic finish only -- a proprietary combination of alloy selection and conversion coating that we call “Hard Alox”. The term Hard Alox is taken from the anodizing process itself, wherein the aluminum surface is converted to aluminum oxide. By increasing the coating thickness and reducing porosity, our Hard Alox coating is much more durable than any other reel. Ask a dealer for a demonstration and prepare to be impressed.

Hard Alox trumps the conventional and abiquitous Type 2 anodize, a finish which emphasizes gloss and color selection over durability. In place of Type 2 we offer you enhanced resistance to abraision, impact and corrosion and a look that tells the story of beauty which, while not being just “skin deep”, actually does start there.

The ULA, Litespeed and Velocity drag consists of a pair of precisely matched conical elements which are drawn together with spring tension to produce variable rates of smooth rotational braking. By re-configuring the surface area of traditional disks into a pair of matching conical elements we were able to seal the drag completely from moisture, salt and grit. And since the mass of the drag elements is centralized, the spool's rotating mass is much lower which makes the reel more responsive to light drag settings. Because the average radius of the contact surface is much smaller (being conical rather than disk-shaped), start-up torque is too low to measure.

Most premium reels rely on a pawl type clutch mechanism. These are often vulnerable to stress related failure, contamination and wear. The ULA, Litespeed and Velocity employ a Torrington zero-lash roller clutch. This mechanism relies on the locking effect of a number of ramps and rollers to achieve torque transmission. There are no "teeth" or "steps" to break off or wear out. And the zero-lash feature means instant engagement. This improves feel and eliminates "spike" that the reel, line and leader experience when a typical pawl clutch hooks up.

ModelDiameterWidthWeightRod Wt.LineCapacityReel CostSpool Cost
GURU 1.53.15"1.10"4.30 oz3;4;5WF4100 yds 20#$189$85
GURU 23.30"1.10"4.50 oz5;6WF6100 yds 20#$199$90
GURU 33.63"1.25"5.50 oz7;8WF7150 yds 20#$209$95
GURU 3.53.75"1.38"6.50 oz8;9WF9200 yds 20#$239$110
GURU 44.25"1.50"9.00 oz10;11WF10250 yds 30#$259$115
Write a Review Reviewed by 2 Customer(s)
The Guru does what it should do
Rating: 4 of 5 [4 of 5]
Reviewed by: The Great White on 02/06/2011
Experience Level: Amatuer - Ownership: 1 - 4 Months
Pros: The reel is slick! It is strong and the drag is smooth. I have fished with this reel in the Snowies ( alpine mountains in Australia) over the christmas break. This simple reel ran flawlessly and the drag was positive in the lower range setting to protect my 4 lb tippet ( the trees and assorted snags broke the tippet ,,,never once when I had a fish on.) Generally :Modern look and faultless finish: I like it.
Cons: The lack of porting/cutouts in the body of the spool( the base where the backing wraps onto the spool) means I must un-spool this reel at the end of the trip to properly dry the whole line including the backing. I do this to avoid long term contact with water/damp to the base of the spool and possible corrosion.) Although I have not seen any corrosion yet ( early days). If the reel had more porting in this area it would be one of the better reels I have used for the price,,,but lets be realistic,, it is a lower cost item and if you pay more you get more porting I guess.
Rating: 5 of 5 [5 of 5]
Reviewed by: Brendan on 06/29/2010
Experience Level: Amatuer - Ownership: 1 - 4 Months
Pros: I can't complain about this reel. Riverbum put backing and flyline on for me and it was packed perfectly. I love this reel and would definitely purchase something from you again.
Cons: Nothing bad
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