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Home > Sage Z-Axis

Sage Z-Axis - Rods

Price: $630.00 - $725.00 *Item Out of Stock
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Sage Z-Axis - Rods | Large
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Sage Z-Axis - Rods | Complete
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Sage Z-Axis - Rods | Horizontal
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Sage Z-Axis - Rods | A
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Sage Z-Axis - Rods | B
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Sage Z-Axis - Rods | C
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Sage Z-Axis - Rods | Details
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Description of the Sage Z-Axis - Rods:

The new Sage Z-Axis Rods have combined a refined feel with new technology and created one heck of a rod. The Z-Axis replaced one of the most popular rods in the world, the XP. Using new Generation 5 (G5) graphite rod building technology Sage has trimmed some weight off while creating a stronger rod with more feel at the tip. It's a fast action rod that is quite different from the norm. It's fast alright, but it's fast in that it throws the line for you as you stroke your cast, rather than punching line out there with a brute force type cast. Not only will it get your line out there with ease, you'll find that mending and throwing heavy rigs can also be achieved with little effort. The Z-Axis is forgiving and great for any angler's skill set.

• Every Sage rod comes with a lifetime warranty
• Rod Case Included
• Free Shipping on all Sage Rods

A few words from Sage
"We went back to the drawing board to create the incredible new Sage Z-Axis Series Fast Action Rods. By improving the entire rod-building process, we created a rod that’s significantly lighter, stronger and easier to cast for anglers of all skill levels. The Z-Axis offers an entirely new level of fishability with unprecedented line feel, response and performance."

How does Sage do it?
Magic Replacing what is quite possibly the most popular fast action fly rod in the world takes a lot of ... well, research and development. It also takes something so good you can confidently move forward without a backward glance. In short, it takes a fly rod with nearly magical properties.

So, how did we create a rod that's significantly lighter, stronger and easier to cast for anglers of all skill levels? The answer, much to the marketing guys' dismay, isn't a simple buzzword or an easily described new material. In fact, the latest version of our Generation 5 (G5) Technology is defined by improvements across the entire rod-building process.

To start with, our exclusive analysis software helped us to better evaluate the performance requirements of every inch of rod blank, allowing us to eliminate all unnecessary material. At the same time, we made significant advances in our Aligned Fiber Technology, which, most significantly, replaces traditional glass hoop fibers with lighter, more responsive graphite. This, of course, required us to develop new construction techniques to align and compress these rods for maximum strength.

To take advantage of these developments, Jerry Siem went back to the drawing board (and out on the water) to create improved taper designs for each Z-Axis rod. The G5 process gave him an opportunity to reach previously unattainable levels of line feel, response and performance.

It also allowed him to design rods that better fit the modern casting style, with the tip strength to bail you out on a missed stroke and the power to more easily punch flies into the wind. The result? An entirely new level of fishability.

But don't just take our word for it! Take the Z-Axis out for a ride today. We're confident that you'll find it's the lightest, longest-casting, most accurate fast action fly rod you've ever tried. It might not be magic, but it's pretty darn close.

ModelLineLengthSectionsHandleTube SizeWeight in oz.Price
490 Z-Axis49'0"2A56.5"3.0625$630
586 Z-Axis58'6"2A53.5"3.0625$630
590 Z-Axis59'0"2A56.5"3.1875$635
690 Z-Axis69'0"2A56.5"3.3125$635
890 Z-Axis89'0"2B56.5"3.8125$640
390-4 Z-Axis39'0"4A30"3$690
486-4 Z-Axis48'6"4A28.5"3$685
490-4 Z-Axis49'0"4A30"3.0625$690
496-4 Z-Axis49'6"4A31.5"3.375$695
4100-4 Z-Axis410'0"4A33"3.4375$700
576-4 Z-Axis57'6"4A26"2.6875$675
586-4 Z-Axis58'6"4A28.5"3.125$690
586-4 Z-Axis SG58'6"4A28.5"3.125$690
590-4 Z-Axis59'0"4A30"3.375$695
590-4 Z-Axis SG59'0"4A30"3.375$695
596-4 Z-Axis59'6"4A31.5"3.0625$700
5100-4 Z-Axis510'0"4A33"3.5$705
5110-4 Z-Axis511'0"4C36.75"5.0625$705
690-4 Z-Axis69'0"4A30"3.0625$695
691-4 Z-Axis69'0"4B30"3.5$695
696-4 Z-Axis69'6"4A31.5"3.0625$700
697-4 Z-Axis69'6"4B31.5"3.625$700
6100-4 Z-Axis610'0"4A33"3.6875$705
6101-4 Z-Axis610'0"4B33"3.75$705
6110-4 Z-Axis611'0"4C36.75"5.125$715
790-4 Z-Axis79'0"4B30"3.125$700
796-4 Z-Axis79'6"4B31.5"4.0625$705
7100-4 Z-Axis710'0"4B33"4.1875$710
7110-4 Z-Axis711'0"4C36.75"5.375$725
890-4 Z-Axis89'0"4B30"4$700
890-4 Z-Axis SG89'0"4B30"4$700
896-4 Z-Axis89'6"4B31.5"4.125$705
8100-4 Z-Axis810'0"4B33"4.25$710
8110-4 Z-Axis811'0"4C36.75"5.625$725
990-4 Z-Axis99'0"4B30"4.125$705
9100-4 Z-Axis910'0"4B33"4.3125$715
1090-4 Z-Axis109'0"4B30"4.25$715
Write a Review Reviewed by 7 Customer(s)
Rating: 5 of 5 [5 of 5]
Reviewed by: ben on 05/18/2011
Experience Level: Amatuer - Ownership: 1 - 4 Months
Pros: Awesome rod arrived just in time for the 13 year cicadas to emerge.
Cons: non
great fly rod
Rating: 5 of 5 [5 of 5]
Reviewed by: Terry on 04/11/2011
Experience Level: Amatuer - Ownership: 1 - 4 Weeks
Pros: This is the first high-end rod I have owned. It casts like a dream. I have only been out once for a short excursion, but was extremely impressed. After a long hiatus from fly fishing, my casting has been a bit rusty, but this rod is so well engineered that its inherent forgiveness allows me to cast much better than I have been with my cheaper rods. It is very responsive and throws a nice tight loop. It can throw line very well and far into the wind and is easy to present the fly delicately. Aesthetically, it is a work of art. The famous Sage quality is evident throughout, including the beautiful aluminum rod tube that comes with it. I look forward to the weather warming up here in Wisconsin, where I intend to fish this rod as much as possible this summer. Then this next September it will accompany me to my buddy's ranch in beautiful southwest Montana. With Sage's lifetime warranty, I intend to use this rod for the rest of my life, then my kids can fight over it. Thanks Sage and Riverbum...
Cons: None.
Other Thoughts: I buy a lot of outdoor products online. This is my first purchase from Riverbum. I am impressed with their timely responses (email) to my order. They shipped the order out very quickly. I certainly intend to order other products from Riverbum.
Rating: 5 of 5 [5 of 5]
Reviewed by: Graham on 04/07/2011
Experience Level: Amatuer - Ownership: 1 - 4 Weeks
Pros: fly fishing 20 years four times a year
Cons: try t go with a guide every second year lake district of Tasmania
Other Thoughts: this purchase was a long time coming for me a big expense but i am very pleased with it
Sage Z-Axis 8100
Rating: 5 of 5 [5 of 5]
Reviewed by: Mika on 08/22/2008
Experience Level: Amatuer - Ownership: 1 - 4 Months
Pros: Sage Z-Axis 8100 is excellent and powerful one hand rod for small salmon fishing.
Cons: None so far.
My graphite experience
Rating: 5 of 5 [5 of 5]
Reviewed by: Bertil on 08/21/2008
Experience Level: Amatuer - Ownership: 1 - 4 Weeks
Pros: My first graphite rod was from the famous House of Hardy. A salmon rod 14 feet with beautiful finish. It was 20 years ago, and I have never use it. The simple reason is that it didn't work, just a hopeless piece of graphite. But I still have it, just to remember where it started. Ten years later a become owner of a 14 feet Sage salomon rod and then understood what it would ment to be. Now the material was developed and the design was for fishing. I thought that this must be the limit, but I was obviously wrong. An XP 696-4 have been my favourite some years, always in good shape for any kind of fishing, only with one little problem (see below). This summer with plans for Russia I got my hands on model Z-Axis and immediately felt that this was something new again. I ordered a Z-Axis 7110-4 from Matt Kankainen RiverBum and was happy as a child when it arrived just before leaving for Russia. Perhaps the finest rod I have ever used. Weightless an strong, perfect for small salmon (middleweight around 3 kilogram). You can fish day after day without problems in your shoulders, its just so easy. And the feeling when drilling fish is great. it just couldn´t be better...
Cons: I have broken my XP 696-4 three times under normal fishing and the thoughts that You get at this occasions is " they must have gone to far" and to close to the limit. Its good with the guaranty, but when it happens it always in the wrong place! What I have learned is to always have an extra top with me. Of course I am worried about the same problem with the Z-Axis model. I have only used i for one week, and I hope it will be my best friend for many years. One bad thing happend when we was leaving Russia. Someone in the luggage area in the airport in Murmansk os St Petersburg must have been fond of Sage-rods, particularly the Z-Axis model because my rod was stolen. Just the rod, the tube was still there, and therefore I didn't notice it until weeks after arriving home. So, that means Matti Kankainen must sell me a new rod!
Other Thoughts: Would it be possible to lock the rod tubes? Its so easy to open for somone at the airport for example. You are not allowed to take the tube as hand luggage, and therefore some kind of lock would be great.
Sage Z-Axis 9'6" for No. 4 Line
Rating: 5 of 5 [5 of 5]
Reviewed by: Dennis on 08/20/2008
Experience Level: Amatuer - Ownership: 4 - 12 Months
Pros: The Sage 9'6'' for a No. 4 line is light, responsive and quick but able to protect 7X tippets with ease. Not only does it cast size 20-12 flies a country mile, but it can also handle weighted streamers with enough line out. I've got lots of rods, but this one is truly exceptional, and my go to rod for any lake or stream holding trout, char or grayling.
Cons: A little on the long side for close-in work, this is the ideal rod for mid-size freestone and chalkstreams. If the rod has a weak point, however, it's that it's a little to light to turn fish in the 4-5 lb range in fast water, but hey, with fish like that who's to complain!!?
Other Thoughts: Great, somber olive tone and excellent finishings. Small rings on tip section should be handled with care - they make the line shoot farther but are quite delicate. I really recommend this rod, and thank the folks at Riverbum for leading me to it. Great advice!!
I love this rod!
Rating: 5 of 5 [5 of 5]
Reviewed by: Matthew on 08/21/2007
Experience Level: Rookie - Ownership: 4 - 12 Months
Pros: I love this rod! I bought the 490 and I must say it's the best rod I've touched. It casts like a dream and forgives me when I mess up.
Cons: None
Other Thoughts: Thanks Riverbum!
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