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Salmon & Steelhead

Salmon & Steelhead
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Salmon and Steelhead are some of the toughest fighting fish that swim. Most Salmon Flies are designed to draw attention and irritate the fish until they strike out of aggression since most of these fish don't actually feed once they enter fresh water to run up river and spawn. Our selection includes many tried and true favorites and classics as well as many new patterns that have previously only been found in the boxes of fly fishing guides. This selection of steelhead and salmon flies was largely hand selected by world renowned steelhead fisherman and author, Dec Hogan.

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 Winter's Hope  *Out of Stock

Winter's Hope - This sparse but showy Winter's Hope pattern seems to have employed every color possible. This fly is a great fish mover when more... 

 $1.75  Buy - Winter's Hope 
 Undertaker  Undertaker - The Undertaker Salmon Fly was created with Atlantic salmon in mind but has a following among steelheaders as well. It is more...   $1.75  Buy - Undertaker 
 Umpqua Special  Umpqua Special - Fly fishers in the know are likely to carry this Umpqua Special pattern in their fly box. It is an effective change up when more...   $1.75  Buy - Umpqua Special 
 Street Walker, Purple  Street Walker, Purple - The Purple Street Walker is an eye catching addition to the fly box that has flash to spare. Add that to the effective base more...   $1.75  Buy - Street Walker, Purple 
 Steelhead Scud, Red  Steelhead Scud, Red - The Red Steelhead Scud is a bright addition to your fly box. It reminds fish of what they once ate in salt water and could more...   $1.95  Buy - Steelhead Scud, Red 
 Steelhead Scud, Orange  Steelhead Scud, Orange - The Orange Steelhead Scud is a bright addition to your fly box. It reminds fish of what they once ate in salt water and more...   $1.95  Buy - Steelhead Scud, Orange 
 Steelhead Scud, Chartreuse  Steelhead Scud, Chartreuse - The Chartreuse Steelhead Scud is a bright addition to your fly box. It reminds fish of what they once ate in salt water and more...   $1.95  Buy - Steelhead Scud, Chartreuse 
 Starlight Leech, Red  Starlight Leech, Red - Much like the Hot Shot, the Red Starlight Leech Fly takes everthing that is good about the Bunny and Egg Sucking Leeches and more...   $2.35  Buy - Starlight Leech, Red 
 Starlight Leech, Chartreuse  Starlight Leech, Chartreuse - Much like the Hot Shot, the Chartreuse Starlight Leech takes everything that is good about the Bunny and Egg Sucking Leeches more...   $2.35  Buy - Starlight Leech, Chartreuse 
 Spanker, Pink  Spanker, Pink - As most Salmon fishermen are aware, spawning salmon leave their appetite at the rivers mouth when entering fresh water to more...   $2.00  Buy - Spanker, Pink 
 Skykomish Sunrise  Skykomish Sunrise - The Skukomish Sunrise Fly is classic that has been around for most of a century. It continues to catch fish. This popular more...   $1.75  Buy - Skykomish Sunrise 
 Skunk, Hot Butt  Skunk, Hot Butt - This Hot Butt Skunk Fly is a flashy pattern that hardly resembles its classic cousins the Green Butt and Traditional Skunk. more...   $1.75  Buy - Skunk, Hot Butt 
 Skunk, Green Butt  Skunk, Green Butt - A flashier version of its classic ancestor, this Green Butt Skunk Fly is one of those must haves for serious steelhead more...   $1.75  Buy - Skunk, Green Butt 
 Skunk  Skunk - Though it has been around and is simple in design, this Skunk Salmon Fly is one of those timeless patterns that will more...   $1.75  Buy - Skunk 
 Silver Rat  Silver Rat - A traditional salmon fly, the Silver Rat is effective in clear water situations. The bright tinsel body and soft hackle more...   $1.75  Buy - Silver Rat 
 Silver Hilton  Silver Hilton - The Silver Hilton is an oldy but a goody. The fact that knowledgeable steelheaders and salmon anglers continue to keep a few more...   $1.75  Buy - Silver Hilton 
 Silver Doctor  Silver Doctor - A traditional fly, the Silver Doctor Salmon Fly is effective in a variety of fishing situations. The bright tinsel body and more...   $1.75  Buy - Silver Doctor 
 Signal Light  Signal Light - The Signal Light Salmon Fly was probably invented for Deschutes River steelhead but has become popular on several rivers in more...   $1.75  Buy - Signal Light 
 Shrimp, Polar  Shrimp, Polar - The Polar Shrimp Fly is one of the most effective Northwest patterns. It may remind fish of one of their primary food more...   $1.75  Buy - Shrimp, Polar 
 Shrimp, Epoxy, Tan  Shrimp, Epoxy, Tan - This epoxy shrimp pattern utilizes a translucent epoxy back to effectively mimic a favorite fish food. This is a durable and more...   $2.45  Buy - Shrimp, Epoxy, Tan 
 Sea Habit, Sardine  *Out of Stock

Sea Habit, Sardine - The Sardine Sea Habit does not come packed in a can filled with its own juices. This big and brawny batfish imitator first more... 

 $3.45  Buy - Sea Habit, Sardine 
 Sea Habit, Herring  *Out of Stock

Sea Habit, Herring - The Sea Habit Herring is a big and bold baitfish imitation that first proved itself on big billfish in the Sea of Cortez. It more... 

 $3.45  Buy - Sea Habit, Herring 
 Sea Habit, Anchovy  *Out of Stock

Sea Habit, Anchovy - Trust us, the Sea Habit Anchovy does not taste good on pizza. This big baitfish imitator was born in the blue-waters off of more... 

 $3.45  Buy - Sea Habit, Anchovy 
 Sculpin, Conehead, Woolhead, Olive  Sculpin, Conehead, Woolhead, Olive - The Olive Conehead Woolhead Sculpin is one of the most realistic sculpin patterns available. The realistic shape along with more...   $2.45  Buy - Sculpin, Conehead, Woolhead, Olive 
 Sculpin, Conehead, Woolhead, Brown (Tan)  Sculpin, Conehead, Woolhead, Brown (Tan) - The Conehead Tan Woolhead Sculpin mixes the realistic muddler shape with the strike inducing action of a rabbit strip tail. more...   $2.45  Buy - Sculpin, Conehead, Woolhead, Brown (Tan) 
 Sculpin, Conehead, Woolhead, Black  Sculpin, Conehead, Woolhead, Black - The Black Conehead Woolhead Sculpin has a realistic sculpin shape with the strike inducing action of a rabbit body that fish more...   $2.45  Buy - Sculpin, Conehead, Woolhead, Black 
 Rusty Rat  Rusty Rat - This Rusty Rat Fly, a classic, is a bit more subtle in its colors and can be especially effective on fish in clear water more...   $1.75  Buy - Rusty Rat 
 Rubberleg Nymph, Black  Rubberleg Nymph, Black - The Black Rubberleg fly is a classic nymph which is a time tested producer. Most anglers recognize this fly for fishing more...   $1.25  Buy - Rubberleg Nymph, Black 
 Purple Peril  Purple Peril - Purple is a proven fish catching color. This Purple Peril Fly has caught fish in many of the Northwest's best steelhead more...   $1.75  Buy - Purple Peril 
 Prawn, Purple  Prawn, Purple - Shrimp are not usually part of a salmon's diet once it moves into fresh water. Even so, the Purple Prawn Flies seem to more...   $1.75  Buy - Prawn, Purple 
Displaying 1 to 30 (of 153 products) View All Products Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  5  6  [Next >>] 
Chartreuse Gurgler
Chartreuse Gurgler
White Gurgler
White Gurgler
Silver Copper John
Silver Copper John
Conehead Volcano
Conehead Volcano
Conehead Yellow-Orange
Conehead Yellow-Orange
Conehead Blue Moon
Conehead Blue Moon
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