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Home > Thingamabobber Balloon Strike Indicator

Thingamabobber Balloon Strike Indicator - Accessories

Price: $1.19 - $1.39 *Item Out of Stock
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Thingamabobber Balloon Strike Indicator - Accessories | Large

Description of the Thingamabobber Balloon Strike Indicator - Accessories:

Don’t let the somewhat less than sophisticated name fool you, the Thingamabobber will improve your nymph fishing more than you ever thought a strike indicator could. This unique line of sensitive balloon-style strike indicators, or balloon-dicators as they are known amongst fly fishing guides, is absolutely the best thing to happen to nymph fishing since the invention of the bead-headed nymph or non-toxic shot.

With 4 sizes and multiple colors, even glow-in-the-dark, there is a Thingamabobber to cover every nymph fishing situation you might encounter.

Larger sizes are perfect for maximum visibility and suspending big heavy bugs and lots of weight in deep swift currents. The smaller sizes won’t plop too hard on the surface and won’t scare fish. Medium sizes are great all-around indicators for multiple nymph fishing applications.

Unlike actual balloons that tend to come off of the line and deflate when fish are hooked, and also litter the stream banks, the Thingamabobber stays buoyant and never deflates in cold water or over-inflates in the sun.

The Thingamabobber is easily affixed to the line through the use of a quick loop to loop type connection and it can be shifted up and down the leader with ease for fine-tuning your nymph presentation. The Thingamabobber never absorbs water, won’t pick up dirt and weeds, and won’t get heavy like a yarn indicator. Because Thingamabobbers are made from a smooth, durable, yet flexible material they won’t break when bouncing off rocks. Now you can use the same indicators literally for years without having to replace them.

Try a Thingamabobber on your next fishing trip, you will be impressed!

Colors :

  • WHT : White
  • CHT : Chartreuse
  • RED : Red
  • PNK : Pink
  • ORG : Orange
  • BLK : Black
  • GLOW : Glow
Write a Review Reviewed by 1 Customer(s)
Rating: 5 of 5 [5 of 5]
Reviewed by: troutbum PA on 10/27/2008
Experience Level: Amatuer - Ownership: 4 - 12 Months
Pros: The Thingamabobber is the best "thing" to happen to indicators in 30 years. When used as described below it is the most buoyant and sensitive indicator made. Having used balloons for the last couple of years for their sensitivity and value, I found that the Thing fixed all the problems of balloons. Balloons can break, change size with changing temperature, and will often deflate overnight. They are also cumbersome to attach in a way to make them most sensitive. The Things' advantages over yarn are buoyancy, sensitivity, less drag fighting a fish for comparable buoyancy, ease of casting, less grabby for fewer tangles, and they are cheaper than the best yarn indicators. The Thing is inexpensive enough to own various sizes and colors for whatever situation.
Cons: Carrying a range of sizes and colors might take more space than some yarn alternatives. As with any indicator, rigging for highest sensitivity makes depth adjustment more difficult. The larger sizes look like a bobber.
Other Thoughts: The way to rig the indicator for best sensitivity uses a fixed depth approach. Attach the Thing via a loop knot to 12-18 inches of floating butt section. I use 15 lb Maxima for an indicator butt section. Onto the loop, not the Thing, tie on a SINGLE DIAMETER flourocarbon tippet/leader of the appropriate length for the water you are fishing. Tying the leader to the loop increases sensitivity and reduces breakoffs at the indicator. Using one diameter improves sinking qualities in the water. With a surgeon's knot or blood knot tie on a section of flourocarbon one size small than the main leader. That knot will keep your (non-lead) split shot from sliding down. I tie the point fly from 12-18 inches below the shot knot. Depending on the situation I tie a dropper fly on a dropper section of flourocarbon tippet one size smaller than the point fly section. I tie the dropper tipper off the point fly bend. Choose flourocarbon sizes, shot size, and point fly and dropper fly sizes to match your fishing situation. Make depth adjustments with shot size, mending, and more or less downstream casting...
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